1-Point Perspective
To change the field of view of the projection drag the slider at the top of the screen. The equivalent length of a camera lens is shown to the right of the slider in millimeters. 
The viewport frame can be turned on and off and switched between 16:9 and 2.35:1 with the tools on the left. A letterbox can also be turned on to highlight only the picture frame.
Use the scaling sliders located around the picture frame to manipulate the height and size of the grids. These tools can be turned on and off with the Show/Hide Scaling Tools button in the top right of the screen.
While technically the vanishing point should be in the center of the screen for 1-point perspective to be accurate, you can click and drag the central vanishing point to move it around. The further it is moved away from the center the more distorted the image will be.

Other Options:
Manual Cube: This cube can be moved around by dragging the red point at its base. It can be moved onto both grid 1 and 2. It can be scaled by dragging the red cross at its top. It will also be scaled when using the overall scale slider to the right of the frame. The location of the cube is tied to its position on the screen rather than the grid and therefore is not accurate when changing the Field of View or when moving Grids 1 and 2 up and down. 
Scale Cube: When turned on this will reveal a cube and a top down plan view of the scale grid. In the center of the plan view is a circular marker that denotes the location of the cube. Click and drag this marker to move the cube. The size of the cube can be adjusted by moving the 'Cube Scale' slider above the plan view and will also be affected by the overall scale to the right of the frame. The location of the cube is tied to its position on the grid rather than the screen and therefore will be accurately affected when changing the Field of View or when moving Grids 1 and 2 up and down. 
Scale Person 1 & 2: These work the same as the Scale cube and can be used to set up shot ideas. They can be made bigger and smaller by dragging on their belt buckles.
Scale Grid 1 & 2: All enclosed areas created by the gridlines and contained within the red boundary are squares and are to scale. These scale grids can be used to measure the size of objects when using the grid as a drawing aide.
Grid Extensions: These Grid lines are not to scale and are there to act as guidelines outside of the scale grids.
Scale Verticals: This scale grid is rotated 90° from grids 1 & 2 and can be used to measure heights and distances vertically. It can be moved using the verticals slider below the frame and scales with the overall slider.
Basic Verticals: Useful if you dont need a scale grid but still want vertical guidelines 
45° Measuring points: These points are used for measuring new grid squares. 
Construction: Reveals more buttons that show how different elements of the projection were constructed.

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